See Why Awaken Academy is
San Diego's Answer to the
Public School System!

About Us

Awaken Academy’s one-of-a-kind, cohesive, comprehensive and dynamic hybrid model helps students develop the academic curiosity they need to become a generation of lifelong learners and culture shapers.
We achieve this through 4 key areas:

Alternative Education Options

At Awaken Academy we offer educational structures and timelines that cater to a variety of schedules and desired locations.

Biblical Worldview

Unlike the public education system, all of our subjects are taught from a biblical perspective to instill Kingdom principles.

Freedom from Political Agendas

With the removal of government overreach that impacts the next generation, at Awaken Academy, we see traditional values thrive.

Academic Excellence

We are raising the bar of education to surpass government-run schooling while helping our students achieve their highest potential.


  • Fosters both spiritual growth and academic excellence
  • Partner with parents to disciple and educate children
  • Equip students to think critically.
  • Empower graduates to enter higher education or professional life with confidence, faith, and wisdom.


  • Partner with parents to nurture a lifelong love of learning and an appreciation for the arts in context with a biblical worldview.
  • Train up a generation of culture-shapers and leaders who will excel in the home, in the church, and in the marketplace.


  • Connect parents, teachers, and students.
  • Provide collective oversight with profound growth opportunities.
  • Prepare students for family life, college, and career.

“We’ve seen our kiddos grow spiritually, a lot, since joining the Academy… they’ve got boldness, they’ve got a deeper passion for the Lord..”

-The Putnams

“The teachers care about you and care how you’re doing in school! It’s a lot better here because you have a lot more support if you don’t understand something”

-Connor H.

“I get to teach in a school that focuses on the heart of education rather than having to push an agenda that went against Godly values”

-Ms. Melissa C.