Elective Course Catalog

Class Name/Skill Level Description
3D SCULPTURE (SM ONLY) K-2 & 5-6*: Introduction to basic modeling techniques including multiple forming methods like pinching, coiling, slab construction and sculpting. Students will be working with many malleable materials. Returning students will be working on new and advanced techniques.

ART K-2*:


This arts and crafts class will encourage artistic development through exposure to a wide variety of mediums, as well as the exploration of various techniques and applications.
BASKETBALL 5-6 & 7-8: Taught by higher level basketball coaches, students will engage in this popular sport through drills, lessons, team play, strategy and more!



This dance class incorporates ballet, modern, and hip-hop dance, offering basic foundational skills and an awareness of using movement to worship God through art.
BIBLE STORIES COME ALIVE Stories from the Bible and/or ancient history will come alive in this class in the forms of reenactment, gallery walks, photos, real objects, or simulations.
BOOKS BY ME 3-4*: Kids are guided through creative writing processes to write and illustrate their own books.

Our every semester favorite! Learn the basics of ceramics and clay in a hands-on class. Students will make projects to take home.


CHEER/CHOREOGRAPHY A combo class suite for all levels. Students will learn and practice basic to intermediate cheer compilations and skills as well as the art of creating and arranging dances! Non-slip, flexible, lace-up gym shoes required.
DANCE 3-4: This class includes dance instruction from genres of Hip Hop, Jazz, Contemporary and more!
DANCE K-2 Dance K-2: This dance course will include genres specific to the teacher’s skillsets. Whether ballet, tap, hip hop, ballroom, or line dancing, children will gain understanding of rhythm, body awareness, flexibility, balance, strength, and endurance. Dance improves listening skills, gross and fine motor skills, patience, and encourages creativity and fun!
DANCE/CHOREOGRAPHY 5-6: It’s the art of creating and arranging dances! This beginning level choreography course will introduce students to both the exploration of the choreographic process and the basic tools used in choreography.
ENGINEERING HOW IT’S MADE 5-6*: Ever wonder how something is made? Let’s find out and then experiment with creative supplies. Students will be challenged to engineer the unexpected, from structures to robotics and more!

Game theory studies interactive decision-making, where the outcome for each participant or “player” depends on the actions of all. If you are a player in such a game, when choosing your course of action or “strategy” you must consider the choices of others. This time, participants are “stuck” in a situation and will apply learned strategies to ESCAPE. Can they get out before the time runs out?



You are many things. You are miles of blood vessels, hundreds of muscles, and thousands of hairs. Students will learn how God fearfully and wonderfully created them.  Each week will have a different area of study that students will explore through books, song, and lap booking.


GAME THEORY 7-8: Game theory studies interactive decision-making, where the outcome for each participant or “player” depends on the actions of all. If you are a player in such a game, when choosing your course of action or “strategy” you must consider the choices of others. From rock, paper, scissors…to 4 corners… to Sorry & Clue & more!



Plant and manage the Academy Garden while learning about plants, insects, fruits, and vegetables.

Lead children to celebrate the beautiful and awesome world God created. Too often, people think that science and faith are at war with each other. But God is the Creator of science. It is he who wrote all the rules that govern our great Earth. Through bible stories, object lessons, memory verses, and activities, students will learn Bible truths with scientific truths God wrote to make sure our world is the best possible place for us to live.


HEALTH HIS WAY 7-8*: Did you know that God made us to crave?  Recognizing those cravings and how they impact the health of our body, and our mind will be key throughout the course. Together, we will learn what God’s word says about food, addiction, self-control, our minds, our finances, and His plan for sex between a husband and a wife.

Lords, queens, soldiers, enemy invaders; and even cooks, cleaners, squires, and traders! Calling all Princes and Princesses ready to journey through lands of legend! Come join us for stories, reenactments, crafts, and more in this exciting class, just please, first knock at the grand door




Curiosity, fun, and creativity are major drivers in getting both kids and adults excited about science. Students will experiment with LEGO STEM to better understand and engage in the world around them, with curious observation, critical questions and the creativity and courage to fearlessly try new things.

Ready to make butter, mend/sew a few things, build bird houses and mini vegetable box to grow? How about canning fruit, pickling cucumbers, milking goats and meeting Piglets, Goats, Chickens, Turkeys, even Aussie and Pyres to learn about livestock guardian dogs on a farm? Well, this is the right class to do just that!  Additionally, craft art projects related to farm/homestead topics and learn where food comes from! All from inside the classroom thanks to dedicated Awaken Academy farming families!




Students will fill up their passports as they explore the world through hands-on activities, stories, food tastings, and souvenirs that spark curiosity and connection.

Towers, bridges, skyscrapers, statues and more! Using various materials, students will be challenged to engineer a structure for the day.  Simple STEM activities using hand-eye coordination, team building skills, and design.



Influence beyond social media! Marketing design is an essential piece of a business’s marketing strategy, since good design is one of the primary ways to grab your target audience’s attention. The marketing graphics that a design team creates are also vital to a positive user experience since welcoming visuals will make customers more likely to return. Students will learn how marketers deliver value in satisfying customer needs and wants, determine which target markets the organization can best serve, and decide upon appropriate products, services, and programs to serve these markets.



Students of all ages will learn, explore, and engage in the history and style of many art masters and great musicians. The students will be challenged to learn specific aspects of art and recreate famous art pieces that are highlighted through the artist, such as clay with Rodin, or color use with Monet, meanwhile, while listening to stories and music from great composers.



Children will learn  through hands-on experience and group instruction to measure, combine ingredients, and work together. Your young chef will have fun making and tasting what they make! As they learn new skills, gain experiences and use of safe practices in the kitchen, your kids will gain confidence and self-esteem. Cooking can also help young kids learn and practice some basic math concepts and build language skills.




Explore weather and dig for dinos in this adventurous course with God at the center of it all!

Does your child love to sing in the car, the bath, shout praises and worship in Kids church? How about dancing around the living room and grocery aisles? A wonderful way to work on physical skills, while encouraging young students to learn sounds, words, music patterns, and voice projection while singing and dancing along to worship songs. This class is surely to please the crowd!


MUSIC K-2 & 3-4*:


Learn how to understand and communicate using the language of music! Students will establish a strong understanding of the fundamentals of music and have a better interpretation of musical compositions.

In this course, students learn blocking, stage directions, script analysis, audition techniques, projection tips, vocal warmups and acting skills. Then they put all these elements together in a theater performance. Depending on class size and existing skill set, the production will hopefully include dancing and singing as well as acting.



This class focuses on building the strength and endurance required to conquer new obstacles with their peers and improve overall fitness. A typical class will consist of warm up/games, obstacle skill training, agility/balance training, as well as 15 minutes of open play at the end of class. These in-depth, skill-based classes focus on goal setting and personal development. Starting at a beginner level with no prior experience needed, participants of these courses will learn a wide variety of functional movements, principles of parkour, and ninja. Non-slip, flexible, lace-up gym shoes required.


ORGANIC ART 5-6*: God created us to create! From clothing to everyday items put out to recycle/trash and living (or formerly living) organisms like feathers, fur, bones, dirt, twigs, plants, and food, students will be guided in art exploration to create upcycled masterpieces to organic art tools!  
PICKLEBALL 5-6: Pickleball is a paddle sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong using a paddle and plastic ball with holes. It is a game that is appropriate for players of all ages and skill levels. Rules for pickleball are simple, making it a great introductory sport.

Not your average table tennis class, but a fun, skill-based, dynamic course to include variations of games played on a ping pong table. Students will have class time to learn rules, strategies, and get creative with team challenge, then take it to the court to show off the acquired skills.



In this class we will be learning about the components of video production. As a group we will work on creating 3 different videos for the class. Through the process of creating these videos students will learn story writing, filming, editing, team building, and advertisement skills. Each student has been given a role from holding a camera to directing.


RECYCLED MEDIUM ART 3-4*: God created us to create! From clothing to everyday items put out to recycle/trash and living (or formerly living) organisms like feathers, fur, bones, dirt, twigs, plants, and food, students will be guided in art exploration to create upcycled masterpieces to organic art tools!
SCIENCE SPECTACULAR 3-4*: This class introduces young learners to the basic foundations of discovery, hypothesis, and science fun. Students will use their imagination and curiosity to formulate questions about the natural world. They will then test these questions through science experiments!

What an amazing city we live in! Students will be inspired by God’s goodness in the changing seasons and celebrated holidays while being encouraged to use their imagination, creativity, and storytelling in crafting pieces of art.


SELF DEFENSE 3-4 & 5-6: Self-defense is a set of awareness, assertiveness, verbal confrontation skills, safety strategies, and physical techniques that enable someone to successfully escape, resist, and survive violent attacks
SPORTS DRILLS Students will engage in training scenarios to apply and integrate skills, teamwork and critical thinking that apply to many sports. They will also learn the basics rules of how to play specific sports and have time for practical application.
Target Practice

Target Games involve propelling an object with the aim to place it on, in or near a target to obtain the best possible score. Students will participate and develop accuracy and control through engaging Phys Ed sports that use target game objectives, such as (but not limited to) archery, bocce, croquet, golf and ten pin bowling to develop movement skills, movement strategies and movement concepts. They will also develop fair play, leadership, teamwork, and communication skills through team sport activities.


Theater- What it Takes, Behind the Scenes Auditions? Stage managing? Hair & make up? Costumes? Props? OH MY! Taking our theater class to a deeper level, students will learn from the pros what it takes to put on and be in a show, such as Twisted, A Night of Christmas, and Hero. Students will apply what they learn in the aid of the younger students’ musical theater show.
VIDEO-PHOTO YEARBOOK 5-6: Students learn to take pictures, use digital filters, save pictures to a computer, and edit their pictures. Students may also study specific types of photography, such as outdoor, underwater, or street photography. They will develop basic skills in cinematography, lighting, editing, color grading and sound design. Students will also create the Academy yearbook through Canva.

Students in this class will gain an understanding of the basics of worship leading, including song selection, audience engagement, and verbal communication. Students will learn what worship is on and off the stage. and will lead Academy Worship at least two mornings per week. They are expected to learn, engage, grow and model Awaken Worship Leader culture – in and outside of the classroom.



Classes with an * at the end of the description have a $75 materials fee.

Classes with ** at the end of the description have a $100 materials fee.