Elective Course Descriptions

*$75 Material Fee     **$100 Material Fee



Introduction to basic modeling techniques including multiple forming methods like pinching, coiling, slab construction and sculpting. Students will be working with many malleable materials. Returning students will be working on new and advanced techniques.



 Students will participate and develop accuracy and control through engaging phys ed sports that use target game objectives, such as (but not limited to) 4 square, dodgeball, archery, bocce, cornhole, golf and bowling to develop movement skills, movement strategies and movement concepts. They will also develop fair play, leadership, teamwork and communication skills through team sport activities. 



This arts and crafts class will encourage artistic development through exposure to a wide variety of mediums, as well as the exploration of various techniques and applications.



Picasso, Van Gogh, Degas are just a few of the famous artists we will be learning about. Join us as we explore their styles and make our own creations with the knowledge we gain. 



This will be a physical class where students will engage different muscle groups in fun new ways. 



Taught by higher level basketball coaches, students will engage in this popular sport through drills, lessons, team play, strategy and more!



This dance class incorporates ballet, modern, and hip-hop dance, offering basic foundational skills and an awareness of using movement to worship God through art.



Expectation vs. Reality.  Students will have the opportunity to create a masterpiece in baking or crafts while learning basic home ec skills.  Material Fee Required.


Robotics – Students will construct and operate a robot by practicing team building skills.  They will also learn the functionality and uses of their robot in robot team challenges.  Material fee required.


Little Builders – Using simple materials students will be challenged to engineer a structure for the day!  Simple STEM activities using hand-eye coordination, team building skills, and design.  Material fee required.


Think: Team Building:  The best tool we can teach our children is to learn to work together, listen carefully, communicate early, and think creatively!  Exactly what we will do in this class!  Students will also get to know each other, build trust as a community, and best of all, have fun!


Music and Movement: A wonderful way for students to work on physical skills.  While encouraging young students to learn sounds, words, and music patterns.


Show Me a Story/Creative – Using art and crafty ideas students will be inspired to write creatively.  This class will encourage storytelling and encourage students to think with their imagination.  Material fee required.


Kingdom Stewardship –  Kid level personal wellness and finance.  Students will learn in stewarding relationships and personal ownership/responsibilities of emotions and feelings.  Including the stewarding of spiritual gifts and talents.  Material fee required.


Geocaching and Geography – Students will navigate to a specific set of GPS or compass coordinates in an attempt to find the geocache (object) hidden at that location.  Students will also learn basic geography, including continents, major countries on the map and some unique features. Material Fee Required.


Dr. Seuss on the Loose – Explore the wonderful and wacky world of Dr. Seuss.  Each week a different Dr. Seuss book will be read and accompanied by various fun activities.  Material Fee Required.


Dare to Draw – If you can envision it, you can draw it!  Learn to see shapes and structures in a new way so you can draw ANYTHING!


Confident Communicator: This class will help students become more comfortable and confident when speaking in front of live audiences. It will help them develop effective public speaking skills as they learn to articulate their thoughts into speeches with many fun activities.  


Crazy Science**: This class introduces young learners to the basic foundations of discovery, hypothesis, and science fun. Students will use their imagination and curiosity to formulate questions about the natural world. They will then test these questions through science experiments!


Future Entrepreneurs: This class will foster the entrepreneurial spirit of our future business owners. We will teach them key elements of owning and running a business 


Heroes of the Faith: Grow in wisdom and inspiration, as the lives of heroes and heroines of the faith are unveiled. With a curriculum developed by acclaimed Pastor Canon J. John out of London, your little one will be sure to be encouraged in their next steps of their own personal faith journey.


Invention Connection*: Have your children ever wondered how something is made? Let them find out and then experiment with creative supplies. Students will be challenged  in the STEM class as they discover how to engineer the unexpected, from structures to robotics and more!  


Jewelry Making*: Beads, bracelets, keychains and more. This class will be a hands-on class of many mediums as students have fun making jewelry. 


Kickboxing: A cardiovascular workout aimed at using various muscle groups and techniques to gain lower and upper body strength.


Little Chefs**: This intro class will teach all the fundamentals about what it takes to be a chef. They will learn lessons anywhere from how to prep, how to clean, the correct way to prepare food and everything else in between.


Math, Logic and Stat Games:

Students will learn the basic rules and winning strategies around a wide variety of games. Activities will be focused around individual and team-strategy games. Games will include table games, thought-provoking puzzles, and games involving what-if scenarios. This class will help students develop analytical skills that involve problem-solving as well as competitive games to challenge students to think “outside the box.”  


Musical Theater: Dance, sing and act in our very own Academy production. And get to meet some of the incredible cast, crew and directors from our Awaken Theater.


Obstacle Course: An obstacle course is a series of challenging physical obstacles an individual or team must  navigate. These can include running, climbing, jumping, crawling, and balancing elements with the aim of testing speed, endurance and agility.


Spanish: An introduction to the Spanish language for beginners.


Sports Drills: Training scenarios to apply and integrate skills, teamwork and critical thinking


STEM*: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics will be the focus of this fun hands- on learning experience. Students will be engaged with projects and activities. 


Theater Makeup*: In this fun class, students will learn about the different kinds of makeup styles and techniques within the theater and special effects world! From basic foundational makeup to water paints, and grease makeup, come learn how to create characters and apply dozens of different looks and how they relate to our very own Awaken Theater shows.


Typing and Notetaking: A beginning typing class that will help students learn proper hand placement and typing skills. They will learn the functions of alphabetic and numeric keys and when to use tab, caps and shift keys, as well as how to create, save and edit a basic word document. Students will practice recording data from various sources and platforms as they learn note taking skills. 


Worship: Our worship class is for all levels. Students will lead the Academy in worship at chapel and school events. They will develop a love for worship and will gain an understanding of the basics of worship leading, including song selection,  audience engagement, and verbal communication. students will learn what worship is on and off the stage.


Wrestling: In this class you will learn techniques for self defense as well as the sport of maneuvering your body to overpower your opponent.

Young Patriots*:  This class is designed to engage and encourage students to be enthusiastic about America’s Founding and the Constitution. We will be including TPUSA elementary curriculum in this inspiring class.


Ready to make butter, mend/sew a few things, build bird houses and mini vegetable box to grow? How about canning fruit, pickling cucumbers, milking goats and meeting  Piglets, Goats, Chickens, Turkeys, even Aussie and Pyrs to learn about livestock guardian dogs on a farm? Well this is the right class to do just that!  Additionally, craft art projects related to farm/homestead topics and learn where food comes from! All from inside the classroom thanks to dedicated Awaken Academy farming families!


Poetry and Photography –  Capturing moments and telling a story!  Students will learn the art of photography and it’s inspiration for poetry.


Missionary Heroes –  In this class, students will learn the life stories of some of our greatest missionaries.  Students will work together to make a timeline of the missionaries about whom they study and learn about the places in which they ministered.

Dad: How Do I? –  Fatherly lessons on many life skills, including basic auto maintenance, using tools, how to tie a tie, shaving, ironing a dress shirt, and much more!