Elective Experience

Our school year consists of two incredible semesters and will include introductions socially, organizationally, and academically in the subjects of Math, Science, English, and History. Our quality Christian education strives to create a fun and safe environment where children are challenged in bright, engaging, age-appropriate activities with supervised play.

Parents are invited to participate in lunches, recess, class projects and special events. While every child matures at his or her own pace, we generally encourage students to apply when they have turned age 5 by September 1.

Elective Daily Campus Schedule Overview

  • First elective from 1PM – 1:55
  • Second elective from 2PM – 2:55

Electives may be added to student’s CORE schedules in the form of two tracks offered Monday and Wednesday at 1PM and 2PM, in addition to Tuesday and Thursday at 1PM and 2PM. Families desiring to enroll their child in elective tracks only are welcomed.