Elementary School

About our Elementary Program

Our school year consists of two semesters. Our unique hybrid approach offers parents a variety of options with a robust and cohesive curriculum supporting CORE classes and elective options.

CORE classes are designed to run annually and will not need to be changed at the star of the Spring semester. Electives may be changed each semester. Parents will receive an email to choose new electives, if desired, prior to the close of the Fall semester. Classes will be grouped according to grade level with a maximum of 15 students per class. CORE will be taught in it’s entirety by one teacher/tutor selected per grade level in both Socratic and traditional style.

Elementary Daily Campus Schedule Overview

  • Campus opens for drop-off from 8-8:30AM
  • Chapel from 8:30-9AM
  • CORE Classes from 9AM–12:25PM
  • Lunch: 12:25–12:55PM
  • OPTIONAL: First Elective from 1-1:55PM
  • OPTIONAL: Second Elective from 2-2:55PM

Dynamic electives may be added to student’s CORE schedules in the form of two tracks offered Monday and Wednesday at 1PM and 2PM, in addition to Tuesday and Thursday at 1PM and 2PM. Enrolling in a full day of schooling four days a week with both CORE and electives is possible. Families desiring to enroll their child in elective tracks only are also welcomed.