The Model

What is Awaken Academy High School?

Awaken Academy is a homeschool-hybrid program, supporting parents as the primary educators for their students. Our academy’s mission is to support parents, helping to equip students with academic and critical-thinking skills to successfully graduate high school and enter into higher education or professional life; creative skills to explore and develop talents; business and leadership skills to lead their generation with excellence, faith, and wisdom.

Awaken Academy provides high school students 4 days of programming, two days on campus and two days at home. While on campus, students work primarily with educators who either have a degree in the subject area or who are professionals in the industry or in education. Students are assigned work on their home days and are expected to have that work completed upon returning to campus the following day.

Each academy semester is 17 weeks in duration, with one week off for Thanksgiving, three weeks off for Christmas Break, and one week off for Spring Break. (Official school calendar is forthcoming.)


4-days/week Programming (Tracks A-C):


Tuition-Set Classes and Elective Classes are currently offered at San Marcos Campus only. (We are working to provide a shuttle option for students coming from more southern parts of San Diego County).  



Tuition to Awaken Academy covers a “Tuition-Set” of classes of subjects required by the State of CA for graduation (save Physical Education) PLUS 2 business courses, an apologetics course, AND  1 Elective (which is gifted per year). (Class descriptions and syllabi will be provided.) 

Each on-campus day also starts with a 25-minute Chapel service (which includes a

Scripture reading, prayer, & leadership moment) in order to strengthen community and begin our day of learning together with our shared Christian faith. 

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.” Proverbs 1:7


This fall Awaken Academy is launching the first half of its programming, and any level of student can take Tuition-Set classes from one of 3 Tracks:




Track A

English I:  Classical Literature & Composition

Math I:     Algebra I with 1/2 Integrated Geometry

Science:  Biology


Track B

English II: American Literature & Composition

Math II:    Algebra 2 with 1/2 Integrated Geometry

Science:  Chemistry


Track C

(Enrichment classes for Math, Science, & English)

Students select independent study courses in Math and Science. While students attend their on-campus days, our subject teachers serve as classroom facilitators, guiding and supporting students through their independent studies.

Math Options: Pre-Algebra or Pre-Calculus    (self-paced)

Science Options: Physical Science or Physics    (self-paced)


For English, students attend Persuasion/College-Writing Workshop on their on-campus days, gaining needed skills for reading, communicating, and writing (with a focus on college writing/essays). This class is not self-paced but given assignments for home days, like Tracks A & B.

English: Persuasion/College-Writing Workshop (home assignments given by teacher)



The 4-day Tuition-Set classes (Tracks A, B, & C):

On-site days: Monday and Wednesday (8:30 AM to 2:05 PM)

Home days: Tuesday & Thursday   (Friday is to be used as determined by families.)



Tuition includes all curriculum for all tracks.


All tracks are open for enrollment to any level of student including qualifying 8th graders.


Again, while Track A and Track B were initially designed as 9th and 10th grade programming, any level student may enroll in those tracks should those classes be beneficial for meeting graduation requirements or the interests of enrolling students.


Our initial junior & senior programming (Social Sciences: World History, US History, & Government/Econ; business courses: Financial Literacy & Jr. Pathfinders; Spanish 1 & 2; and an apologetics course: Christianity 101) will be offered in the future once the academy launches its full programming for upperclassmen.



Monday & Wednesday 1:45-2:40 PM



Launch a Business


High school students may enroll in Tuition-Set classes only, Elective only, or both Tuition-Set Classes AND an Elective.



Semester 1: September 6 – Dec 16

1 week off for Thanksgiving Break: November 21-25

3 weeks off for Christmas Break December 17 – Jan 8

Semester 1 resumes: January 9 – January 27

Semester 2: January 30 – June 2

1 week off for Spring Break around Easter


The weeks of Labor Day, President’s Day, & Memorial Day, our High School M/W track shifts to W/F.



Tuition-Set classes: two 17-week semesters

Electives: two 15-week semesters

(Electives start the week after Labor Day, and end the week before Memorial Day.)

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