Jr. High School

The Awaken Junior High Experience

Junior High years can be challenging to navigate; social and academic pressures on children escalate as more and more independence is desired on their behalf. There couldn’t be a BETTER time to try some NEW and different through Awaken Academy.

Our unique hybrid model leverages wise time management and makes it possible for teens to accomplish more during school hours, eliminating wasted hours of busy work experienced in traditional public school. Afternoons and evenings can be devoted to family, church, and extracurricular activities. Teens will be in a remarkable environment, further fostering their Christian development.

Classes will be grouped according to grade level with a maximum of 15 students per class. Each on-campus day starts with a 25-minute chapel service (which includes a Scripture reading, prayer, & leadership moment) to strengthen community and begin our day of learning together with Christian faith.

CORE classes (which include math, language arts, science, and social studies) are currently offered as a 4-day track on campus (from 9 AM to 1:55 PM, Monday through Thursday) OR as a 2-day track on campus* (from 9 AM to 1:55 PM with two additional days completed at home). CORE classes are designed to run all-year and will not need to be changed at the start of the spring semester. Electives may be changed each semester. 2-Day CORE track options are available Monday/Wednesday and Tuesday/Thursday.

Dynamic electives, including art, theater, music, STEM, marketplace and entrepreneur classes, may be added to a student’s CORE schedule. Electives are offered on two tracks: Monday and Wednesday OR Tuesday and Thursday at 2 PM. Enrolling in a full day of schooling four days a week (by taking both CORE classes and electives) is possible. Families desiring to enroll students in elective tracks ONLY are also welcomed.

Junior High Daily Campus Schedule Overview

  • Campus opens for drop-off from 8-8:30AM
  • Chapel from 8:30-8:50AM
  • CORE Classes from 8:55AM–12:20PM
  • Lunch: 12:50–1:55PM
  • OPTIONAL: Elective from 1:55-3:00PM

Fall 2023 enrollment coming soon!

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