Awaken Academy’s one-of-a-kind, cohesive, comprehensive and dynamic hybrid model helps students develop the academic curiosity they need to become a generation of lifelong learners and culture shapers.

Our mission is to build an educational system that fosters both spiritual growth
and academic excellence. Coming alongside parents, we partner together
to disciple and educate children. Our distinctive curriculum equips
students to think critically. Graduates are empowered to enter higher education or professional life with confidence, faith, and wisdom. Communities, churches, and workplaces will be blessed by their godly leadership.
Awaken Academy connects parents, teachers, and students
around the central hub of Awaken Church, providing collective oversight
with profound growth opportunities. Collective threads between the local
church and Christian institutions of higher education are maximized
through strengthened bonds of unity and rich culture of educational and
workplace influence. Students will be prepared for family life, college, and
In partnership with parents, we endeavor to nurture a lifelong love
of learning and an appreciation for the arts in context with a biblical
worldview. We are aiming to train up a generation of culture-shapers and
leaders who will excel in the home, in the church and in the marketplace.

Core Values

Within the hub of Awaken Church students are presented with remarkable opportunities to live out what they’ve learned and build beautiful lifelong friendships.