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Academics with Purpose

Awaken Academy provides lesson planning and instructional support in four core subject areas: math, science, history, and language arts. Additionally, we offer daily Bible lessons in our chapel program.

The lesson plans will provide direction for parents for their home days and allow them to see and follow along with what is being taught during on-campus days. This allows families flexibility within the structure of our programs.

Our Education Board curates annual curriculum lists for each grade level and accompanying lesson plans for use on-campus and at home. Each piece of the curriculum is considered for its ability to transition from “classroom to living room” as we realize it is used in both learning environments.

Bible | Mathematics | Science | History | Language Arts

Our specialized combination of classroom and home-based instruction optimizes academic success for each of our students!


Our daily chapel-style Bible lessons reflect on Christ, highlight His word, and help strengthen students’ Biblical worldview. In Chapel, the opportunities to discover new truths about our Savior are rich and plentiful!


Many parents’ fears about schooling stem directly from their insecurities about math. Our math curriculum is very carefully selected and is designed to provide the parent an easy road map to follow. Additionally, our teachers understand parents’ concerns in this area and are always available to help navigate any topics that may be presenting a challenge at home.


At Awaken Academy we believe that science and the Bible go hand-in-hand and are absolutely not mutually exclusive of one another. Experiments, dissections and multi-step projects breathe life into science facts.  Our creation-based curriculum challenges students to go beyond memorization to the application of scientific approaches in the study of biology, chemistry, earth and physical sciences.


We approach history from a decidedly Christian perspective, incorporating the Bible’s influence on historical events wherever and whenever possible. Students are encouraged to go beyond boring memorization of historical facts so that they can fully understand the real consequences of our past and the lessons that can be learned from them.

Language Arts

Addressing all areas of writing, literature, grammar/vocabulary, and in the younger grades, reading and handwriting skills, the broad area of language arts is well covered at Awaken Academy.

Program Overview

Our school year consists of two, 17-week semesters.
Core classes are designed to run all year and will not need to be changed at the start of the spring semester.
Elective classes may be changed each semester. Parents will receive an email to choose new electives prior to the close of the fall semester.

*Students enrolled in the Fall 2022 semester will not need to pay a new enrollment fee for spring 2023, as this non-refundable fee, paid at the time of application completion, covers the entire year.

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