Pre-K Experience

Our PreK program will run as a 2-day track course with class times from 9 AM -12:15 PM.

Your family may choose from ONE of the following tracks:

  • Monday/Wednesday track for 4 & 5 year olds
  • Tuesday/Thursday track for 3 & 4 year olds (Student(s) MUST be 3 at the time of enrollment.)

This course will be led by a paid parent-teacher and will require parent volunteer support in the class. This is to meet the requirements as a non-compulsory grade. One item that is different this year: parents are only required to volunteer 17 hours per semester (these hours can be fulfilled in blocks of your choosing (i.e. an hour a day, three hours at a time, over the course of two weeks etc.), to be discussed and agreed upon with your student’s teacher. 

If a family is enrolling multiple students, Pre-K can be included in the family discount. 

Pre-K students will not have the option to enroll in electives at this time. Additionally, parents will be unable to enroll their Pre-K student(s) in more than one 2-day track. 

Our goal at Awaken Academy is to provide a quality, Christian education as well as grow the students in their faith in Jesus Christ. In our Pre-K model, we strive to create a fun and safe environment for children to develop a great love of learning. Children are challenged in bright, engaging, age-appropriate activities.

As we prepare lessons, we plan carefully so children will be challenged but not frustrated as well as stimulated but not overwhelmed. We create fun and worthwhile activities to teach concepts such as letters, numbers, and Bible stories. At Awaken Academy, we understand young children. Our school day includes supervised play, Bible time, plus academic readiness and physical activities. Some of the things we focus on in Pre-K include:

  • Bible training – Christian character traits such as love, honesty, respect, and obedience
  • Science – Nature and our environment
  • Letters – Recognition and sound
  • Numbers – Recognition, counting, concepts, and sequencing
  • Painting and coloring – Color recognition, fine motor development, pre-writing skills, artistic expression, spatial relationships
  • Music – Rhythm and singing, movement and dance, social interaction, games and drama, group interaction
  • Stories – Vocabulary building, development of interest in books, introduction to new experiences, relaxation and fun, sharing and enjoying quiet times
  • Field trips – Nature and environment, the world around us, community helpers, five senses
  • Drama – New songs, Bible verses, poems

*NOTE: Pre-K may be offered at a campus dependent on availability of space.