Academics with Purpose

Program Dynamics

Awaken Academy provides lesson planning and instructional support in four core subject areas: math, science, history, and language arts. Additionally, we offer daily Bible lessons in our chapel program.

In our one-of-a-kind, hybrid model, our students will spend up to 4 days of each week in grade-level classes. Using our carefully selected curriculum, the mentor teacher for each grade will create lesson plans for use both at home and on campus. These tools give parents the confidence to act as their children’s primary instructor, teaching at home the other days of the week. Parents and on-campus mentor teachers work as a team to provide a comprehensive and cohesive learning experience.

Our graduates become culture-shapers through educational discipleship, forming Biblical foundations, acquiring marketable skill sets, and healthy, wholesome relationships. Students gain a lifelong love of learning, an appreciation for the arts, critical reasoning skills, and a well-formed conscience.

The lesson plans will provide direction for parents for their home days and allow them to see and follow along with what is being taught during on-campus days. This allows families flexibility within the structure of our programs.

Our Education Board curates annual curriculum lists for each grade level and accompanying lesson plans for use on-campus and at home. Each piece of the curriculum is considered for its ability to transition from “classroom to living room” as we realize it is used in both learning environments.

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Our school year consists of two semesters. Core classes are designed to run all year and will not need to be changed at the start of the spring semester.
Elective classes may be changed each semester. Parents will receive an email to choose new electives prior to the close of the fall semester.