Questions & Answers


What is the cost for each semester at the Academy?

For current tuition pricing please visit our enrollment page and scroll to the bottom.

Is the application fee of $175 per student or per family?

The non-refundable application cost will be $175 for the first child, and then $125 for each additional child. This is an ANNUAL fee that covers our administrative costs for each student.  Once you application(s) is completed, the Enrollment team will set up an  interview with the family and can consolidate discussing all children’s admission into one meeting. 

Is the application fee refundable if parents decide it is no longer a good fit?

Yes; with the caveat that, once your application is processed and your interview has been conducted, the fee is no-longer refundable.

If I pay tuition and our circumstances change, may we be issued a refund?

Tuition is ONLY refundable within the FIRST WEEK of classes. 

What is the tuition discount available for Awaken Academy teachers or staff?

A discount will be offered on a sliding scale depending on the teacher’s or staff’s hours working at Awaken Academy.

Specifics of Model

Are the core classes and electives for a semester or year-long?

Enrollment in our Core Tracks is done annually; curricula is selected for cores that will accommodate a full school year of instruction.

The number of electives a student will take will be chosen at the start of the year**. Elective classes will be on a rotation per semester. (if additional electives are desired, they may be added to the child’s schedule 


**Electives will be added and paid for at the start of the academic year. Additional electives may be added to the student’s schedule at the start off the 2nd semester; however, if a family would like to drop an elective, regardless the reason, the tuition is still due in-full.

Do we have to select only cores or electives?

At Awaken Academy our fall semester 2023 runs for 15 weeks and our spring semester 2024 runs for 19 weeks.

Here are the package options available for your child’s enrollment this academic year:


Core classes only

Core classes + 1 elective

Core classes + 2 electives

Core classes + 3 electives

Core classes + 4 electives (Full schedule)


Elementary core classes run from 9:00 AM to 12:25 PM. Lunch is 30 minutes, and elective classes run at the 1 PM and 2 PM hours on Monday/Wednesday and Tuesday/Thursday.

Once your application is complete and you’ve selected the structure of the day that works best for your family, we will send you a link to choose the specific electives you’d like your child to take.

Here is an example of a custom schedule:

Johnny is in 2nd Grade, Johnny’s parents want Core support and only part time electives, so they have opted for the following format: 2nd Grade Core and 2 electives on Monday/Wednesdays.

Johnny’s schedule looks like this:

Chapel: Every day at 8:30 

Classes: Mon-  9:00-3:00, Tuesday 9:00-12:25, Wed 9:00-3:00 and Thursday 9:00-12:25

What time is drop-off if a family only selects the ELECTIVE option?

12:55 or they are welcome to join their friends for lunch that starts at 12:25. 

Is there an option for Chapel for the families who will do only electives?

All families are welcome to attend Chapel from 8:30-9. During lunch, we will have a second chapel available for elective only students, or students that didnt make the morning chapel. 

What time is pick-up if a family only selects the CORE option?

12:25, or after lunch which ends at 1:00. 

Is there after-school care available?

There is potential for this to be added in the future, but at this point families may select it as an option under ‘wait list’.

Will High School students be graded?

At this time we will continue with the model we have. However, we will have a Parent Support Coordinator who will assist families in options for record keeping and building out their student’s highschool transcript.

Methodology / Curriculum

How is the academy planning on addressing the varying learning needs of children and differentiating instruction for various learning styles?

We will have an experienced teaching coach at each campus. Their role is to assist each teacher with tailoring instruction to the needs of the classroom.

Are the core classrooms only age-based, or skill-based/ability-based?

We will be flexible with kids with accelerated skills, but it will be addressed on a case by case scenario. Academic ability and social level will be considered. This will be decided upon by the site director after placement tests that we provide. Teacher coaches will help the Site Director on the decision process.

Will the Academy have parents administer standardized tests to their children, and will the Academy use testing results to inform proper instructional modalities inside the classroom?

We will provide placement tests based on interviews as needed. We will continue to encourage families to do annual testing through CLP, but will not require it.

How is a Biblical Worldview incorporated into each classroom?

It will be incorporated through the curriculum and activities. 


What are examples of the requirements or criteria for a teacher to be considered for a teaching position at the Academy for both CORE and elective tracks?

Elementary: Having a background with elementary education- public school, private school or as a homeschool educator.

Upper grades: Having experience in a specialized subject- educator or background in that field.

Electives: Having experience in the area: photography or art, etc. Or hands on experience as a homeschool educator or tutor in the elective area.

Do all teachers attend Awaken?

They will be required to align with our beliefs and sign a statement of faith.

Will teachers file a W2 or be 1099? If they are full-time will they have any benefits?

Teachers and staff will be on payroll as W2 employees of Awaken Academy. Full-time (32 hours) will be offered medical, dental and vision.


Who is on site during school hours to ensure the safety of the children?

We will continue to have a trained security guard on site. CPR and emergency preparedness training will be required for teachers and staff. Earthquake and fire drills will be a part of this.


Will the academy be requiring parents to become members of HSLDA?

HSLDA confirms for us that the State of CA does not spell out that a family who files a PSA, and homeschools their child, is required to document that the parents are providing that education. However, HSLDA also makes it clear that many other states do require documentation of 51% or greater. There is always the possibility of changes in years ahead, but do not anticipate it due to the homeschool needs of many Hollywood elites in the state of CA.

Will the academy be accepting students who are receiving public-school charter funds into the program?

Yes, however the family will have to navigate what funds will be able to cover since we offer all faith-based instruction and curricula. 

Common Questions

Is it legal for me to teach my own children?

Yes, the Department of Education defines your self-hiring requirement as simply “qualified to teach.” We have great freedom in CA for homeschooling, and with great freedom comes great responsibility.

Am I capable of teaching my own children?

With rare exception, the answer to that question is yes. The answer would be “no” if there is no parental alliance OR both parents are working 40 hours a week outside the home.

How successful are homeschoolers?

Stats from the National Home Education Research Institute show that homeschoolers outperform their public schooled counterparts by 37 points on average, even if the homeschooling parent never graduated from high school. Additional research and information are available at

What online or in-person support can I find for homeschooling?

There are over 200 support groups in California and 14 here in San Diego alone. There are also hundreds of online curricula, conferences, podcasts, and much more you can sign up for with the following organizations.

Do homeschoolers take standardized tests?

Standardized testing is not required in the state of California, but we recommend it as a process of monitoring and adjusting, seeing where your child is performing at the national level and making adjustments for the following year. Awaken Academy will provide links to standardized testing companies that provide this service.

What Awaken Academy Does:

  • Offers a regular support system for homeschool and charter school families
  • Fosters a lifelong love of learning and an appreciation for the arts in the context of church and culture, helping to equip the next generation of leaders to excel in the home, the church, and the marketplace
  • Strengthens Christian community, enhances socio-academic skills, and advances the Kingdom of God
  • Supports parents in choosing curricula and filing private school affidavits
  • Connects families to ongoing support at the local, state, and national level

What Awaken Academy Does Not Do:

  • Assign or file grades with parents or the state
  • Record, receive, or file medical records
  • File attendance records with the state
  • Replace the parent as the main educator or influencer in the child’s life

We recognize that this is a lot of information to take in, and we may not have been able to anticipate all the questions you may have. If you have additional questions please head over to the Contact Us page and send us your question. We will do our best to get in touch and get questions answered as quickly as possible.